Want to be a Winner? It’s up to You.

Swimmer Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian in any sport in all of time. On August 4, he went on to win his 18th career gold medal and his 22nd overall.

As a child, Michael was afraid to get his face wet in the pool. Rather than giving up, his mom just started him with a backstroke. Swimming just got easier and he just got better…with swimming. Diagnosed with ADHD at age nine, his lack of success in school suddenly had an explanation. Again, his mom looked for solutions. She worked with Michael and his school to find the best ways for him to learn. Like any good coach, she helped him develop strategies, kept him on track and focusing on the positives.

We all have gifts and challenges. If you want to be a winner, identify and focus on your strengths and lighten up when you make mistakes. Use them for learning opportunities and go for the gold.

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