Habits–Good or Bad?

Yes! Habits can be good or bad. The ideal is to replace “bad” habits with behaviors that work for you.

So here’s the process: first you have to identify the behavior you want. Let’s say exercise for 30 minutes every morning. Next you have to look at your schedule; you do use a calendar to design your days, right? Choose a realistic time you are likely to be successful actually exercising for the desired time. Now you have to come up with a reminder. It’s only a habit when you can do it regularly without it being an ordeal. Sometimes having a workout partner, a personal trainer, or a coach to hold you accountable can help with this step.

Growth occurs two steps forward and one step back. If you must miss, or forget, reschedule. Remember why you want to get regular exercise. How will you be better when exercise is an ongoing part of your life?

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