Top Ten Tips for the Surviving the Holiday Season

1. Less is more—overwhelm often follow a sense of obligation. I remember the first time I went to a buffet restaurant and wondered how I could eat all those things. It took me a while to realize I could just choose what I really wanted, would enjoy, and feel good about.
2. Due date versus start date—got to buy gifts, send out cards? You may be oh too familiar with last minute shopping or mailing. Think instead of a “start date.” Look at your calendar and choose some times when you won’t be rushed.
3. Cookies anyone?—Christmas cookies, cakes and pies are everywhere. Neighbors visit with plates of fudge, dinners with friends end with pies and cakes, office mates bring special family recipes loaded with calories. If you just can’t resist, freeze. Put the best offerings into a container and have one or two pieces randomly over the next few months.
4. Forget about the “perfect gift”—Just having general knowledge about someone’s like can be enough to figure out the perfect “gift card.” No need to hire a detective to discover what kind of imported coffee a friend drinks when a Peets gift card lets them choose whatever they want.
5. Listen to your body—This is the time of year when days are short and nights are long. If we were in harmony with nature, we’d be doing winding down rather than ramping up. Feeling like going to bed early?
6. Delegate—if someone asks if they can lend a hand, by all means say yes. Otherwise, ask for help when you need it.
7. Stick with habits and routines—if you have them, do your best to stick with them. Getting off track is only a problem if you don’t have a strategy to get back to what works for you. Figure out a plan in advance, just in case.
8. Plan quiet time—wherever you go, there you are. So decide where you want to be. Who do you want to sit near at a dinner? Is there a place to escape and regroup during a party? How much down time do you need after a demanding activity
9. Prioritize—decide on the people and things that are most important. That’s what you want to make sure you focus on.
10. Plan activities for kids and guests in advance—people may want or require attention you don’t have to give. Make, or have them help you with an “activity book” or list of ideas that will help them, and you, have fun.

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