The Dastardly Voice of Doubt

You all have it–that little voice that seems to want to hold you back or to make you feel bad about yourself. That voice may, from time to time, actually be of benefit by keeping you safe. But most of the time it limits you from being your best, from doing your best, from having what you deserve in life.
That little voice will comment on your appearance, your behavior, your desires, and will be relentless in dwelling on your mistakes. This voice is obviously not your friend. If you had a friend that talked to you that way, would you continue the relationship? I think not.
The problem is that the voice is not going to go away. No matter what. Bummer. So what are you going to do?
How about this–just be aware when you hear that saboteur you can say something like, “thanks for your opinion, but I prefer to look at things differently.

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