Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, not that long ago, in a land not that far away, lived a woman – or maybe it was a man – who was experiencing a deep sense of overwhelm. She (or was it he?) had said “yes” too many times, to too many things and her dwelling felt crowded and confused. She often missed appointments, had unfinished projects, and no time for things she felt were important. One morning, she looked around and realized something had to change. She just couldn’t live that way any longer.

The woman recognized that if she knew what to do she would have already done it. Finding the right help would be crucial. She sought a guide to take her through the dark forest of doubt, confusion, and shame and lead her to a life of balance, order, and ease.

Suddenly out of the mist (or was it Yelp?) appeared two qualified and genial women. They introduced themselves as Sydney and Dana – a dynamic duo committed to guiding people to reclaim their time and space. First they helped her define her vision for her home and life. Dana worked with her to banish the clutter and create systems and homes for her necessities and treasures. Sydney supported her in conquering her calendar. She learned to identify and commit to priorities, and have home maintenance be one part of a regular routine.

With Sydney’s and Dana’s help she had taken a journey that had at first seemed terrifying. Her fears had been unfounded. With their skill and unconditional support she’d had a light through the dark forest. She fulfilled the purpose her journey, developed a different sense of herself, and came to realize that she is a very capable person who could design her life. She also trusts the allies will always be there to bolster her should doubts or challenges arise.

Sydney Metrick, PhD
Sydney provides unwavering support, enthusiastic encouragement, and practical tools and resources for people with ADHD and other non-linear thinkers. She works with clients to target their most challenging areas, helping them develop strategies and habits that get results.
http://www.ArtfulCoaching.com 510 223 3882, Sydney@ArtfulCoaching.com

Dana Arkinzadeh, DMA Organizing
Dana helps people go from clutter to clarity. She creates organizing solutions to fit an individual’s unique lifestyle and personality. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.
http://www.dmaorganizing.com, 510-206-4812, mailto:info@dmaorganizing.com

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