Struggle with Keeping Track of Payment Due Dates? These 3 Easy Fixes will Change all of That!

Is the thought of looking at your bills and getting on top of your business payments overwhelming? Have you neglected looking at your statements? Are you so behind on bills that you don’t even know where to start? Or when you do finally start you get side-tracked and completely forget to tackle your upcoming or missed payments?
Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Hundreds, if not thousands, of creative entrepreneurs have a hard time getting a handle on this side of their business.
The money side. The paperwork side. The so-called structured, linear, organized side.
For some it’s because it’s hella boring and they’d rather be doing anything else. But for others, it’s because they haven’t found a flow, routine or ritual that helps them complete these tasks while still honoring their artsy, non-linear qualities.
If you happen to be one of these people, possibly working with ADHD, be kind to yourself. Being an entrepreneur is the best personal development crash course you’ll ever put yourself through. And if you plan on being an entrepreneur for life, plan on being in this course until the cows come home.
But, in order to remain being an entrepreneur and continue doing what you love, you have to put effort into finding a flow to pay your expenses that works for you and your habits.
If you know that you have a hard time remembering due dates, schedule 20 minutes to calendar all of them in your phone. And if you really want to master this, set the due date one week ahead of schedule in your phone.
If you’d rather pull your hair out than regularly track your expenses to make sure you haven’t overdrawn your account, take 5 minutes to log in to your bank account and set up daily text alerts with your daily balance and every time an expense hits your account.
I’m a true believer in the power of automation so that we don’t have to rely on sheer will to get things done.
Most of us fail when we rely on willpower. And that’s ok. Because the moment we realize our shortcomings and stop beating ourselves up about it, is when we can design an environment that supports our success.
And if keeping tabs on your expenses has been a difficult area for you to master, here are three steps that will set you up for life-long success.
1. Write a list of all of the expenses to run your business on a sheet of paper. I like to use bright colored markers to make it fun.
2. Next to each item, write the due date.
3. Take out your phone and type in the expense one week before the due date. Set it up so that it alerts you monthly.
Of course, it goes without saying that you have to take the step and pay the expense when the alert pops up on your phone. Or if you know you won’t do that, set it up for automatic payment. Done and done.
Wishing you financial success and happiness,
Miss Danetha
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