But Wait…I’m Almost Done

Ever get pulled into an online story and know you don’t have time to read it all? Or see an intriguing headline posted on your landing page or on some other page you’re visiting? Or there’s a link to something you feel you absolutely must read for whatever reason and you feel pulled to reading it right now.

This happens to us non-linear thinkers all the time. Right now feels like the time to attend to something that’s interesting to us. The downside is that spending that time “right now” can make us late for something we’d already committed to doing.

That fifteen minutes you spend reading an article on line causes you to walk out the door to an appointment fifteen minutes later, or have to skip something else like maybe your breakfast. If only there was a way to save the article and bring it with you so that when you’re sitting in the waiting room at the dentist’s office, or on your lunch break at work you could read it then. Wouldn’t that be a good solution?

Say yes.

This is about time management. As it happens, there are ways to do just that. Both “Readability” and “Pocket” help you save web pages for later reading. The Readability site boasts “Readabity turns any web page into a clean view for reading now or later on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.” And at GetPocket.com you’ll find another version of the same option. The exact article is right there when you have the time to read it.

Now all you have to do it remember to bring your phone when you leave! Happy reading.

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