Planning Saves the Day

desk calendar

Can using a calendar change your life? You bet it can. How would you like to design your days, weeks, and months so you can focus on the people and things that are most important to you?

Chances are that you have tasks in commitments around work, home, family, friends, health, finances, community, maybe personal growth or creative expression are high priorities for you.

Here’s how you design your week. Think about each of the areas. What do you want to or need to do in each of the areas this week or this month? Some things you will want to attend to daily, like job or kids, some things maybe weekly like paying bills, and other things further out like getting together with friends twice a month. It might be possible to combine areas such as taking an art class or exercise class with friends, or being on a team that plays ball weekly.

Some things will be recurring and you schedule those first. Then put in the other more flexible things thinking of them as appointments. Check your calendar every morning and evening to make any updates or other changes and you’re on your way to be in charge of your time.

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