How does my background prepare me to help you?

My ADHD led me to pursue non-traditional education. I found that with alternative and distance learning I was able to achieve the educational success that had previously evaded me. I earned an MA in counseling psychology and a PhD in expressive arts therapy. Then, during my studies at the Coaches Training Institute, I learned my unusual way of being in the world was due to my ADHD brain wiring. Coaching people with ADHD seemed to me a good career direction.
But what about all those studies in expressive therapy? I was introduced to the idea of community art through a happy coincidence. I’ve been able to use the arts to create and serve community during my two terms on the City of Richmond’s Arts and Culture Commission, and eight years on the Point Richmond Music committee, producing free community concerts.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with many visual and performing artists and other creative people. Experience has shown me that most artists love to make art but are woefully unprepared for business. When I coach artists I help them deal with the business side of an art career with a mix of consulting, brainstorming and coaching.
2000 – Crossing the Bridge

2001 – I Do

2004 – The Art of Ritual

“Beck and Metrick remind us that human beings have used ritual for centuries as an important buffer to change, and as a way of consciously recognizing and supporting a life event rather than denying or indulging in it. The end result of all ritual is increased balance, strength, energy, and comfort. This is an important book whose time has come.”

2000 – Distinguished Fellow – National Institute of Expressive Therapy

2007 – Arts Recognition Award – Arts & Culture Commission of Contra Costa County


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