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Who’s in Your Head and Why Are They So Negative?

z gven

If you had a friend who consistently said things to you that made you feel small, things that were damaging to your self-esteem, would you maintain the relationship?

What if that so called “friend” was an ever-present voice in your head? You know, it’s the one that says things like, “what’s the use?” “why bother?” “you’ll never…,” “you’re not good enough,” “no one understands you,” “you don’t deserve…, “you should….”  Sound familiar?

I bet it does.

The thing is, as limiting and disparaging as those voices are, we tend to listen to them.

What if you didn’t?

Recognize that there are any number of positive and supportive options available at any time. No need to argue with the negative voice. Just thank it for its opinion and give yourself permission to recognize that you do deserve to have, be and do what’s important to you, that you can make mistakes and still be okay, that it might take a number of attempts to get t–hings the way you want them to be and that perfection need not be necessarily be required.

One caveat—that little voice never actually goes away, but you can definitely learn to ignore it.

Group Coaching for People with ADHD and Other Non-Linear Thinkers

Have you considered ADHD coaching, but thought it’s too expensive? Or too inconvenient and time-consuming?

Here’s the solution—Group Coaching
• 6-weeks – the next session begins Tuesday evenings, October 21
• Each session = 90 min. sessions
• Group limited to 8-10 people
Total Fee: $150.00
Web special – 30 minute coaching session prior to the first session
Each group session will include discussion of a specific ADHD topic and explore strategies to manage the issue.
Contact me: Sydney Metrick to sign up
510 223 3882

And check out my new video series on YouTube
Addressing ADHD: A Whole Person Approach