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Homeopathic Approach for People with ADHD

Homeopathic medicine is holistic and effective and can restore balance and health to people with a wide range of conditions, including those with impulsivity, focus and attention issues, as with those who have ADD and ADHD. Most Americans mistakenly think the term “homeopathic” is a general term for all natural medicine, but that is not correct – it is its own system of medicine developed by a German doctor over 200 years ago, and is the second largest form of medicine in the world today.

For more general information about homeopathy, including informational videos and the latest in scientific and clinical research, spend some time on the National Center for Homeopathy’s informative website.

In homeopathy, there is no one remedy for one condition, but typically a great many. The homeopathic remedies are ultra high dilutions of substances in nature. The symptoms which that substance can produce if taken too much or too often are the symptoms which the homeopathic remedy (ultra high dilution) can resolve.

Each remedy has a range of conditions, symptoms, and qualities associated with it which are complex and specific. For example qualities of pain differ for the same condition in the different remedies, such as speed of onset, sensation of pain, heat, location of pain, sensitivities, and emotional expression or lack thereof in health and imbalance.

For people who have ADHD there are very common symptoms such as impulsivity, restlessness, and distractability. There are hundreds of homeopathic remedies which can address these symptoms. Finding the one which will efficiently help an individual depends on other more specific qualities such as what happens when you are stressed out, how do you cope with it? The child who hits and lacks empathy needs a different remedy than the one who will be very anxious and develop a nervous habit under stress.

Likewise, there is a quality to restlessness which can be matched by different homeopathic remedies, moving the individual towards greater calm: there is totally impulsive and physical restlessness, there is rhythmic restlessness, nervous fidgeting, restless legs or whole bodies in bed at night, there is manic euphoria, and many other expressions. These all indicate a different homeopathic remedy.

Finally, homeopathic remedy selection is also based on they types of other symptoms and conditions a person has had in their lifetime, and also family health history.

The featured pictures of substances represent homeopathic remedies useful in resolving ADHD: Tarentula, Stramonium, and Sulphur.

So what does getting better look and feel like with homeopathy if you have ADHD?

First of all, if you are not taking other medications, then you probably begin by taking the remedy just once or twice, and then evaluating your response over about one month.

That is because the remedy acts as a trigger to your own healing response, which is very different than the conventional or even nutritional or herbal approach.

Depending on the health of the person, and sensitivity, you may or may not need to repeat the remedy more frequently.

The person should notice improved balance on the mental and emotional level first, or at the same time as any chronic physical symptoms – this is the “direction of cure” created by homeopathy (and your body!).

This often means less impulsivity, more ability to focus, less runaway or rushing thoughts if that was an issue, and even greater empathy.

How long does it take?

It very much depends on the individual. For kids who haven’t had pharmaceuticals of any kind, the response time is often very short. For someone who has lived with these issues for decades and perhaps also had suppressive drugs, it can be a longer and more complex process.

Most of the kids in my practice have had tremendous benefit with several months of treatment. The good news is that with the right remedy, eventually the gains can be sustained without continuing the homeopathic remedy. This is how homeopathy works with the vital force of the individual to bring about greater health.

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