Within the safety of the coaching environment, I will talk with you to explore what’s going on in your life, and what are some of the challenges you’re experiencing.

The Coaching Process
Coaching begins with an intake session in which we establish our working alliance. After identifying your values, needs, challenges and desires we set realistic, achievable goals and develop a plan of action that will forward you towards them.

In weekly half-hour phone sessions, I help you work through any internal or external obstacles that arise, hold you accountable, and offer support and acknowledgment. Success occurs as you make step-by-step progress towards your goals while you maximize your performance.

With coaching, results are immediate and measurable.

We work together on the average of four to twelve months, making sure you have the habits, resources, skills and confidence that you will be able to be the person you envision, do the things that are important to you, and have the life you feel great about.
During our time working together, we:

• Clarify your values and direction

• Set structured goals

• Take directed action

• Maintain momentum

• Work through obstacles

• Achieve desired results





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