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A very complete site sponsored by ADDitude magazine, a national monthly magazine for the ADHD community. Subscribe to this magazine and learn about family support options for attention deficit disorder. Monthly articles by doctors’ suggest treatment for ADD
ADHD children and adults!
A popular site with lots of information. Much of it is geared towards the needs of children with ADHD, but there is also much here useful to adults.
Northern County Psychiatric Associates
has a number of excellent articles.
Attention Deficit Disorder Association

What is ADD? How can I tell if I have it?
Children and Adults with ADD (CHADD)
The Virtual Doctor

Go to to find an interactive assessment tool…”Do I have ADHD?”


The ADD Store

From clothes for sensitive skin to neat fidget “toys”, this website specializes in selling products for those with ADHD.
EGG Timer
An online timer

 Professional Services

We are a collaborative network. I personally recommend each of the professionals who have information and services that benefit people with ADHD.
Sydney Metrick, PhD ~ Coaching Adults and Teens with ADHD

Sydney works with people who have attention deficit disorder and other non-linear thinkers, providing support and encouragement, along with practical tools and resources. Together we address challenges, developing strategies and habits that create ongoing results.

510-223-3882 /
Dana Arkinzadeh ~ Business and Residential Organizer

Dana guides business and residential clients to transform their clutter into- easy to maintain systems.

510-206-4812 /
Marie Bowser, LAC, DIPL OM ~ Acupuncture

In addition to acupuncture, Marie prescribes individualized herbal formulas to decrease symptoms, improve body function, treat underlying issues and lessen the impact of emotional complaints such as anxiety and depression.

510-684-9836 /
Lori Ann Gertonson, DC ~ Chiropractic Services
With gentle adjustments to correct posture in conjunction with other holistic healing interventions, Dr. Gertonson helps brains achieve
optimal functioning.

510-526-1559 /
Teray Garchitorena, ND

Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Garchitorena’s clinical focus is on mental health and mind/body medicine: treating anxiety, panic, depression, insomnia, chronic stress, and adult ADHD.

510-868-4755 / www. .com
June Kamerling ~ Pilates and Personal Training

Pilates is a form of exercise that helps develop a strong core or center. It improves focus, coordination and balance.

510-604-5732 /
Nicholas Rosenlicht, M.D., ~ Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology

510-558-3488 /
Bowbay Feng, LMFT ~ Psychotherapy

Bowbay focuses on helping couples learn to effectively work through communications issues.

510-629-0239 /
Miriam Lundy, PMHNP ~ Kensington Psychiatric

Miriam specializes in psychiatric medicine providing holistic care and medication management. She can prescribe medications for ADHD, depression, sleep disorders and other issues.

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