Addressing ADHD: A Whole Person Approach

We are a collaborative network of professionals who have information and services that benefit people with ADHD.

mission_one_electric_sportbike_main630-0204-630x360.jpgSydney Metrick, PhD ~ ADHD Coach
Coaching Adults and Teens with ADHD Artful Coaching

Sydney works with people who have attention deficit disorder and other non-linear thinkers, providing support, encouragement and accountabiity along with practical tools and resources. Together we address challenges, developing strategies and habits that create ongoing results.

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mission_one_electric_sportbike_main 630-0204-630x360.jpgDana Arkinzadeh ~ Residential Organizer
DMA Organizing

Dana guides clients to transform their clutter into easy to maintain systems.

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Marie Bowser, LAC, DIPL OM ~ Acupuncture
Marie Bowser Acupuncture

In addition to acupuncture, Marie prescribes individualized herbal formulas to decrease symptoms, improve body function, treat underlying issues and lessen the impact of emotional complaints such as anxiety and depression.

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Lori Ann Gertonson, DC ~ Chiropractic Services
The Gertonson Institute: A Creating Wellness Center

With gentle adjustments to correct posture in conjunction with other holistic healing interventions, Dr. Gertonson helps brains achieve optimal functioning.

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Teray Garchitorena, ND ~ Berkeley Naturopathic Medical Group
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Garchitorena’ s clinical focus is on mental health and mind/body medicine: treating anxiety, panic, depression, insomnia, chronic stress, and adult ADHD.

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June Kamerling ~ Pilates and Personal Training
El Cerrito Fitness

Pilates is a form of exercise that helps develop a strong core or center. It improves focus, coordination and balance.

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Sara Russell, PhD, NTP ~ Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Your Probiotic Kitchen

Sara helps clients with ADHD and learning differences reset the communication between the gut and the brain. By resetting the health of the gut, our second brain, all mental functions occur more smoothly.
Clients achieve vibrant health by eating the foods that support their needs using tailored, individual plans.

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Cory Nott ~ Referral Marketing Trainer
Referral Institute Oakland

Cory shows business owners how to spend less time and get more results from networking and connecting with other people using the art and science of referral marketing.

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Cher Uberman, NP ~ Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Point Behavioral Medicine

Cher specializes in psychiatric medicine. She can test for DNA drug sensitivity and prescribe medications for ADHD, depression, sleep disorders and other issues.

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