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ADHD Myths and Facts

Are you or is someone you know described by the following symptoms?

Procrastination – You have every intention of getting something done in a timely fashion, but wait until the last minute when you feel the urgency.

Lack of Focus – For most tasks, you seem to have too many thoughts at one time to focus on just one thing and for any length of time.

Chronic Lateness – Even with the best intentions, you are chronically late.

Underachievement – You know you are smart, yet others seem to move ahead so much quicker and with much less effort.

Difficulty Paying Attention – You think you’re paying attention but find you’ve drifted off onto a tangent, a daydream, or something that catches your eye.

Impulsive – You may blurt things out, interrupt or jump to conclusions.

Trouble Getting Started – Once you get started, you get things done, but you waste a great deal of time thinking about it and not getting started.

Easily Irritated by Small Talk – You want to connect to people, but listening to mundane topics causes your heart and mind to race with thoughts of getting away from them so you can think about more important things.

Chronic Chaos – You desire order and organization in your life, but it seems like you are always losing things, or overwhelmed by stuff.

With Coaching You Can:
• Learn how to set goals, stay on task and organize in a way that works for you
• Create systems and structures that are a comfortable fit for you
• Develop new habits that give you the results you want
• Know what to do when you feel paralyzed or overwhelmed
• Acquire and improve social skills and learn how to handle emotions
• Have an ongoing, helpful partner to hold you accountable for taking the steps towards your goals.

Myths and Facts about ADHD
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