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How Does Your Wheel Roll?

Life balance. What does that even mean? Can you have a balanced life? If so, how?

First, how’s your life at the moment? There are several assessments to see if you are in or out of balance. Many coaches use a tool called the “Wheel of Life” for this.

Most of us express our thoughts, time, and energy in eight to ten different areas. The “Wheel of Life” gives you a way to rate your life in each of these areas. Personally, I use the following categories with my clients:

  • Friends
  • Personal Growth
  • Family
  • Community
  • Health
  • Career
  • Home
  • Finances
  • Significant Other
  • Creative Expression

Feel free to substitute school for career, or whatever other changes will accurately reflect the key components of your life. Once you have your categories, assess your current level of satisfaction in each area on a scale of 1-10. Your consideration is based on what that category means to you. For example, in the Significant Other category: you have a significant other and it’s a good relationship, so you give yourself a 9; or, you don’t have a partner and don’t want one, that can also be a 9. But if you’re not happy with your relationship, perhaps you give yourself a 3 or 4.

This person is fairly pleased with their relationships with their home, community, health, significant other and personal growth. They are not satisfied with the relationships they have with friends, career and, finances, which indicates they would benefit from setting goals, deciding what is realistic. Family is another area they may wish to address.

Once you have all your numbers you can see if you’re balanced, such as all numbers fall between 7 and 9, or all between 4 and 7. Both ranges show balance, but only that first range shows satisfaction. Any area that indicates a satisfaction level of five or less would benefit from attention to bring it up. This means setting goals, creating plans to achieve them, scheduling and fulfilling action steps.

Do not expect to maintain balance once you reach it. Life has a way of changing and you can get out of balance without noticing. Personally, I re-do my wheel at the turn of every season.

-Sydney Metrick