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Lost, Misplaced, or Simply Borrowed?

People with attention deficit disorder have a tendency to lose or misplace things because we may have our thoughts elsewhere when we set something down. But, it’s not always our fault when we can’t find something. My friend, Pam Condie, is a business and residential organizer who share the following story and tip.

A single mother, who ran a small nonprofit from her home, had two teenage children who often helped themselves to supplies from her office.  To discourage this practice she wrote “Mom’s office” on the plastic finger loops of her utility scissors, thus easily identifying her “borrowed” equipment. Divide and conquer is a technique children use to get their way when the stricter parent refuses a request. (Let’s ask Dad instead.  He is a pushover.)  I submit to you “multiply and conquer,” a technique to have adequate supplies of frequently used equipment readily available.  Utility scissors are useful in the kitchen, home office, bathroom, craft room, bedrooms and garage.  Of course, mark the location of each as in the suggestion above.